Friday, 7 September 2018

What's on my library reservation list?

Another September, another shuffle around on the blog.  Doesn't look too different but isn't it strange what a change of font can do for your inspiration?  Thought you might be interested to know about some books I'm looking forward to reading over the next few months.  I'm well on track with my Goodreads goal so far and I've read some good stuff, but so far nothing jumps out at me as my favourite read of the year.  I'm hoping one of these might change that.

A Place For Us by Fatima Farheen Mirza

I was really hoping this one would become available before I went to India (more on that in another post!) It centres around an Indian-American family who have come together to celebrate a wedding, so I thought it might provide some cultural context for my trip but sadly I'm still on the waiting list.  I'm interested in the themes of balancing cultural tradition with a Western upbringing and I'm expecting quite a moving family story.  Really high hopes for this one as a debut novel as well.

I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara

 'A masterful true crime account of the Golden State Killer - the elusive serial rapist turned murderer who terrorised California for over a decade - from Michelle McNamara, the gifted journalist who died tragically while investigating the case.'

True crime isn't normally my thing but this one has been getting a lot of good press.  I enjoy thrillers, so I thought why not give it a go?  Probably not one to read before bed though unless I want nightmares but a good contender for keeping me entertained on an upcoming long haul flight.  It's fascinating how someone could be so committed to solving a case like this plus I'm expecting it to be well-written given her background in journalism.

Bitter Orange by Claire Fuller

I've tried a couple of Claire Fuller's books before and not finished them, but I can't remember what it was that made me put them down so I'm giving her writing one more go with this book.  It sounds a bit more thriller-esque than her previous stories, involving a woman who makes friends with the neighbours at her summer rental and discovers that she can spy on them through a hole in the bathroom floorboards.  I think it will be quite character driven and slow moving.  One of those 'is everything as it seems?' stories, it could potentially be quite a strange read so let's see if I finish this one.

 Motherhood by Sheila Heti

This is a novel centred around a woman's decision about whether or not to have children.  I've seen it described as a 'plotless novel' so I'm expecting more of a long discussion essay with some characterisation.  I'm most interested to see how the author examines the expectation that all women must want to be mothers, I think it will be quite thought-provoking. 

Also soon to be on the list as soon as the library gets copies (and I'm checking most days): Transcription by Kate Atkinson.  Why?  Well because it's Kate Atkinson.  Historical fiction by Kate Atkinson.  I already know it's going to be great.

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