Monday, 15 January 2018

In Grandma's handbag

KitKats, two or three
strawberry Chewits for the grandkids,
half a packet each
one knife, plastic
for my mcchicken sandwich, see
sugar sachets and stirrers from when we had tea
you never know what you might need

I wrote this poem a few months after my Grandma passed awayIt's short but it contains a lot of memories.  One that always makes me giggle is the time she declared for all to hear on the bus that she had a knife in her bag, only to pull out a plastic one and inform me that it was to cut up her McChicken sandwich later 😂

She collected sugar sachets and things from everywhere and always had some in her bag, not to mention the ones stuffed in kitchen drawers.  I don't know if she ever even used them but she was prepared at least!

Grandma was so wonderfully stubborn and an absolute sass-master.  There are so many examples but one story I love is about when me and my sister were little, we'd gone to a park with dad and Grandma and a lady came over asking 'how old are the twins?' Grandma straight away replied '7 and 4.'  Absolutely deadpan.  Never afraid to say what she thought, our Joan!  She was hilarious, though not always on purpose - usually she made us laugh the most when she was being grumpy! 

Some of my favourite memories are the Sunday afternoons we spent watching the planes at the runway lookout.  One of the last times we went it was a beautiful sunny day and we could get out of the car to see properly; whenever a plane took off she would clap and cheer and she was making everyone else there smile.  She thought it was magic that my sister could tell her where they were going to/coming from using an app on her phone. 'Ooh, smashing!'

Today she would have turned 88.  Happy birthday Grandma, we miss you 💗

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