Sunday, 17 September 2017

I do like to be beside the seaside

I've been craving some great big lungfuls of sea air and some fish and chips for weeks now, so yesterday Paul and I hopped on the bus to spend the afternoon in Whitby.  It's one of my favourite places along the coast but I hadn't been for years, and Paul had never been, so I was excited to go back and take him for his first visit.


We arrived at around half past twelve, and straight away set off for a bracing walk along the front - it was very windy but a beautiful day, and I was well wrapped up in my scarf.  The tide was in, so we couldn't get onto the beach at first.  Instead we took our time wandering, looking around the shops and pretty buildings in the town, and making our way up the hill to the famous whale jawbones.

Then it was time for lunch from the world-renowned Magpie Cafe.  I was sad to see that the restaurant has been closed over summer due to fire damage, but luckily the takeaway was open.  SO GOOD, you just can't beat fish and chips at the seaside with plenty of salt and vinegar.  Fact: they taste best on the Yorkshire coast!  We walked a little way back into the town to find somewhere to sit and enjoy a spot of people watching while we ate.  We managed to avoid any seagull attacks thank goodness - they are HUGE and absolutely not afraid to lay claim to your chips...

After we had eaten, we climbed the 199 steps up to Whitby Abbey, said to be the inspiration for Bram Stoker's Dracula.  The view is amazing, and thankfully the sun had come out to play!

The tide was on its way out by the time we had made our way back down the abbey steps, so we could go for a walk along the sand.  We skimmed stones, watched dogs playing in the waves, and hunted in rockpools for pretty shells.  I managed to drop my phone right in the wet sand!  Luckily, it was fine - nothing got in any of the ports, but after that I made sure it was in my pocket zipped up and it didn't come out again until we were far away from the beach!

After we had finished searching for treasure, we started slowly making our way back to the bus station to catch our ride home.  I love the seaside towards closing time too, when everything is getting a bit quieter and you can just hear the sound of the waves.  I just managed to pop into one of the confectionery shops and buy some brandy snaps and a hot drink for the journey home then it was time to say goodbye to Whitby, but not before snapping a photo of that beautiful evening glow.

A lovely afternoon by the sea with my love. 💓

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  1. These are lovely photos I haven't been to Whitby in ages and whenever we do go it's usually really busy

    Mel ★