Saturday, 2 September 2017

A Fresh Start

I left education 3 years ago now, but I'm yet to shake the mindset that September is the start of new things.  This year I haven't bought any new stationery, or dilligently copied out a timetable, but I have started a new blog...

Welcome to As Told By Holly.

I used to have a blog called Holly Pocket but I've decided on a fresh start.  I've loved having that blog and I'm really proud of some of the posts there, but for a while now I've been feeling less than inspired by that space.  The title Holly Pocket has started to feel childish - I still love it as a nickname which is why you can still find me under it on my social media - just trying to be as confusing as possible! But whilst it worked well as my blog title 3 years ago, since I've got older and my idea of what I want my blog to be has changed, I've been thinking about creating a new space.

Enter As Told By Holly!  Only partially inspired by the Nickelodeon cartoon As Told By Ginger (who else remembers that?!) it's a title that I've been thinking about for a while.  I think it lends itself to any type of posts I want to write and can evolve as my life does, and I've taken it back to basics with the design too. You can still expect book reviews but also posts about causes I care about, feminism, lifestyle, days out, self-care... Basically, a bit of everything, as told by me. 

I've imported some of my old posts from my previous blog, so any that you see dated before today are old.  Not all of them have made it across, just the ones that are in keeping with the kind of thing I want to post here now.

I'm looking forward to blogging more and hope you'll keep coming to have a read 😊

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