Friday, 11 March 2016

Let me photograph you in this light

... in case this is the last time that we might be exactly like we were.

On Tuesday night this week we got the train to Manchester to see Adele in concert.  There she is, look, above.  We had a pretty good view, albeit very high up so she looked very tiny to us!  But in all honesty, the fact that we couldn't see her very well didn't matter at all once she started singing.  That voice!  It goes without saying that she can sing but she sounds even more amazing live.  She's well known for her personality too and this shone through - even though we were in a sold out arena she made it feel a lot more intimate, like she was just having a chat with us all and very down to earth, and was so great with the audience - stopping for selfies on her way between stages (she had a smaller stage set up near the back of the arena) and even letting a couple of people up on stage with her for photos and inviting a 12 year old girl on stage to duet Someone Like You with her - that was really special.

Her setlist was really good, she did all the big popular ones along with some other favourites of mine and yes, I did have a little cry.  I always say that I feel the same about Adele as Emma Thompson's character in Love Actually feels about Joni Mitchell - she taught me how to feel.  Quite a few of her songs really get me but actually the one that makes me cry the most is Million Years Ago.  It's kind of a strange feeling to hear your own thoughts summarised so well by another person and the first time I listened to that song, I was sobbing by the end of the first chorus.  It was like she'd scooped thoughts right out of my mind and turned them into lyrics.  So I was really glad she played that one.

The highlight of my year so far!

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