Thursday, 14 August 2014

If There's Love

I was so very shocked and sad to hear about the passing of Robin Williams earlier this week. I'm not normally one to really mark celebrity deaths, but this one really did get me. Instead of writing a long post and getting my words all muddled, I thought I'd just share a small piece of his work that will always stay with me. I watched many of his films during my childhood and loved them, but I first watched Mrs Doubtfire with my dad not too long (if I remember rightly) after my parents separated. This is the end monologue of the film, which will always make me cry big fat tears, but was exactly what I needed to hear at the time.

'You know, some parents, when they're angry, they get along much better when they don't live together. They don't fight all the time, and they can become better people, and much better mummies and daddies for you. And sometimes they get back together. And sometimes they don't, dear. And if they don't, don't blame yourself. Just because they don't love each other anymore, doesn't mean that they don't love you. There are all sorts of different families, Katie. Some families have one mummy, some families have one daddy, or two families. And some children live with their uncle or aunt. Some live with their grandparents, and some children live with foster parents. And some live in separate homes, in separate neighborhoods, in different areas of the country, and they may not see each other for days, or weeks, months... even years at a time. But if there's love, dear... those are the ties that bind, and you'll have a family in your heart, forever. All my love to you poppet, you're going to be alright... bye bye.'

Rest in peace, Mr Williams.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Paris Memories

Timehop is a nifty little app, isn't it? Except today it tells me that exactly a year ago I was on my way to the airport ready to fly to Paris and it's made me a little bit sad because I wish I was going again! I'd always really wanted to go to Paris and then last year on my birthday Paul surprised me by saying he was going to book for us to go the following summer. I was so excited I actually burst into tears! Even if he did try and trick me by hiding a Paris guidebook in a Kindle box... (I would not have been impressed if it actually turned out to be a Kindle, but that's a whole different post!)

Instead of feeling sad that I'm not visiting again this year, I thought I'd take a little trip down memory lane. Care to join me?

The Eiffel Tower at dusk - so sparkly!
We flew at around 1.30 in the afternoon which was quite a nice time, as it meant we didn't have to get to the airport too early! I love flying (taking off is my favourite part!) but the flight was quite short, around an hour and a half I think. Once we landed we had to try and navigate our way to Paris city centre from Charles de Gaulle airport which was a lot less than enjoyable and did actually threaten to spoil my good mood at finally being in Paris! We managed it in the end though, and eventually managed to find our way to our hotel, Villa de Allessandra. It was lovely!

The hotel was really near to the Arc de Triomphe and we had a little stroll in the evening to see it and also looked around the rest of the area and walked down the Champs Elysée.

How cute is this little cinema?

The second day was the day we really took Paris in our stride and walked all around, seeing the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, The Louvre, Lover's Bridge and Shakespeare and Company bookshop. It's such an amazing little place!


Our padlock on Lover's Bridge!

On the third day, we went on a little day trip to the Palace of Versailles:

Sunday 14th July was possibly my favourite day. My favourite film is Amélie which any fellow fans will know is filmed around Paris and especially in Montmartre. Before I even knew we were going to Paris, I'd heard there was a special route you could walk that would show you the scenes used in filming, and we managed to find some websites that outlined the route for you - this one and this one were particularly helpful! This was so exciting for me, and now I can say I've had tea in Amélie's cafe! In the evening, we were out and about watching the fireworks for Le Quatorze Juillet which were amazing.

Montmartre is full of lovely shops like this one!

We couldn't go to Montmartre and not try and find the famous Moulin Rouge!
Le Sacré Coeur

Monsieur Collignon's vegetable shop - from Amélie

The cinema Amélie goes to, to watch people's faces in the dark!

Amélie's cafe!

This post ended up being a lot longer than I thought but I just wanted to reminisce! I hope I get to go back to Paris one day, I'm sure there are lots more things to see, but even if I never visit again, this Paris adventure was one I'll always remember. Paris, je t'aime!

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Thank You Notes

It's official guys, I'm going to be graduating in July with a 2:1 degree in Sociology! So I thought that now would be the perfect time to write a little list of thank yous to all the people that have helped me along the way, because I couldn't have done it on my own! 

Dear Paul, thank you for everything. I'm sure when we started going out you never anticipated having to put up with the kind of stress fests you've seen from me in the past few months, and I have thrown a lot at you I think, but you have been amazing.

Dear Mum, thank you for always believing in me even when I don't believe in myself. I can't tell you how much your little encouragements along the way meant!

Dear Dad, thank you for ferrying me to and from uni to pick up library books and hand in assignments and everything else, and thank you for telling me that I made you proud, it means the world to me.

Dear Rowan, thank you for always keeping me company, I've really enjoyed having you around and I think it's really nice that we've been able to study together. Also, thank you for always making me laugh until I cry and for listening to me ranting about anything and everything. You da best!

Dear Managers, thanks for letting me do the research for my dissertation at work. To Matt & Frans in particular, thank you for listening and helping me out when I was having a hard time and brought it into work with me.

Dear Alice, thank you for all your support. I know you always said I could do it and you were right, but I think having friends like you helps so much. I'm really glad I get to see you every week at the quiz!

Dear Seb & Kirsty, thank you for brightening dull days at work which has often made me very unhappy in the past few months. My favourite shifts have always been the ones where I get to work with you both!

Dear McFly (and other assorted bands, but especially these boys), thank you for your music, it always gets me through.

Dear Tesco, thanks for all the chocolate. I'm sorry that your profits might take a bit of a hit now I'm not needing to fuel any all-nighters!

Dear Yorkshire Tea, I love you and that's all there is to it.

Dear Comedy Central, thanks for the Friends marathons!

There are loads of other people, but these are the ones that stand out. Also, thank you to all the people who took part in my project - I can't name you because of confidentiality and everything, but I really appreciate it.

On to the next chapter!